Celtic Cross Spread


This reading gives a detailed overview, either on a specific subject, or the querent's life in general. It will pick out the most important current trends, and give guidance on potential ways forward.


This is the most common Tarot spread seen in books and guides. It give a good, detailed overview of where your life is at the moment, what's led to this position and what the future might hold, together with some context around it.

1) Present. 2) Obstacles 3) Distant Past 4) Recent Past 5) Best Outcome 6) Immediate Future 7) More about the question 8) External Influences 9) Hopes and Fears 10) Final Outcome

If you wish to buy this reading as a gift for someone, please feel free to forward the reading instructions on to the recipient. If you then tell them the email address that you used to make the order, then we can do the reading for your recipient.


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