Seven Card Ellipse Spread


This is our most popular reading. If you're stuck on a particular issue and need some guidance then this is the reading for you. It offers a clear analysis of the events that have led you to this point, shows you what the likely outcomes are and offers advice on the best way to proceed.

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An online tarot reading, good for showing the way ahead. This is our most popular reading and one that we find gives a really good result. If you're stuck on a problem, this will provide background, advice on what to do and show some of the possible outcomes.

1) Past 2) Present 3) Future 4) What to do 5) External Influences 6) Inner thoughts 7) Outcome

If you wish to buy this reading as a gift for someone, please feel free to forward the reading instructions on to the recipient. If you then tell them the email address that you used to make the order, then we can do the reading for your recipient.

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